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FastTRACK Color Specialist Certification Coaching Program

FastTRACK Color Specialist Certification Coaching Program

October 2, 2019 – November 27, 2019 all-day
Joanne Lenart-Weary

To earn your WFCP Certified Professional Color Specialist certification, you will need to complete your study materials and pass the test. This program offers an easy and affordable opportunity to market yourself as the go-to Certified Color Specialist in your area.

Throughout the sessions you will learn:

  • The 3 elements of color that impact your decisions
  • Why you will never ask, “What is your favorite color?” again.
  • The difference between Perfect and Pleasing Palettes
  • Mixing Neutrals
  • The impact of Hue Families
  • Hue Bias, Undertones, Overtones, and more
  • Color Harmonies that Work
  • Decorating with Color
  • And more…

Students will receive:

  • 8 recorded lesson
  • Lesson progress email follow-up
  • Ten weeks of email support for project completion and testing preparation
  • Virtual handouts
  • One to 1.5-hour review webinar
  • WFCP Color Specialist Certification Test ($175.00 value)
  • Free subscription to Window Fashion VISION magazine
  • Regular electronic news and information from Window Fashion VISION magazine

To earn your certification, student must:

  • Complete all video recordings and class exercises
  • Complete and pass test

To maximize your learning, students should:

  • Secure 2 Sherwin Williams Color Decks
  • Create a professional account at Order your deck and color kit from your account executive, listed on the site.
  • Purchase a standard color wheel-available online or various craft shops
  • Students need 3 Solid and 3 Print fabric samples at least 18×18” square.

And upon passing the certification test, you will receive:

  • WFCP Color Specialist Certification certificate
  • WFCP Appellation—WFCP Color Specialist
  • Press release template to share your success
  • Recognition on the Window Fashion VISION website
  • Complimentary access to the show floor at the next annual International Window Coverings EXPO
  • Discounted pricing on classes at the next International Window Coverings EXPO
  • Discounted pricing to enter the annual VISION Design and Workroom competitions
  • Complimentary listing in the annual VISION Industry Resource Directory
  • And more…

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