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What is WFCP?

The Window Fashions Certification Program is the most comprehensive and prestigious certification available for interior design professionals who want to be authorities in the complex world of custom window fashions. Designing and specifying window fashions is one of the most profitable skills you can have as an interior design professional and WFCP has been educating and certifying professionals in window coverings since 1990.  Becoming WFCP certified will give you the knowledge, confidence and credentials that distinguish you and give you a competitive edge as a design professional and increase your bottom line.

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WFCP MembershipWhy WFCP?

The WFCP Program has been developed and enhanced over 20 years working with the top talent in window fashion design and fabrication.  Our instructors have years of experience and are well known in their fields.  Our broad based seminars and online education give you the opportunity to advance the skills you need AND the flexibility to accomplish certification on your terms and on your schedule.  Our unique educational system continually adds fresh new programs in design, business and fabrication so you can keep abreast of new trends and techniques.  We offer many new courses and programs each year to keep you informed and your business growing.


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