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#disCOVER: Southern Belle Blooms With New Room

Just outside of Louisville, KY, sits Prospect, a charming little community on the Ohio River. When clients approached Draped in Style’s Lisa Thoma and Julie Ensor about decorating their daughter’s bedroom, they decided to pink out loud. 

The hue is having a major moment across all industries and many are jumping on the bandwagon when finding inspiration for new projects. Knowing that the clients  had a great appreciation for color, texture and pattern, Thoma and Ensor set out to layer these three elements together throughout the room. 

Working with a team of local seamstresses to bring their ideas to life—who stitched each triple pinch pleat by hand—Trend Cream fabric was chosen for the drapes and accented with Brimar Cotton Candy trim, all topped off by United Supply Company’s Select Iron Works Collection hardware. The treatment complemented the space’s existing shutters, neither overpowering nor weakening them. 

The rest of the room was refreshed with Jennifer Latimer wallpaper and pillows featuring Madcap Cottage Old Peking/Bahama Pink and Samuel & Sons Blush fabric. Thoma and Ensor created a rosy refuge fit for anything the occupant can dream up. 


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