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Sun shining on earth with Global Shading Day logo.

The Rise of #GlobalShadingDay

Dek: European organization sheds light on solar shading by starting an international movement. 

This year saw the introduction of a new initiative to promote the impact of solar shading on indoor climate management. Started by the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO), a nonprofit organization of professional solar shading industry members, Global Shading Day is a call to action to discover the numerous benefits of solar shading in a fight against climate change.  

Timed to when the sun started shining in earnest, March 21 marked the first-ever celebration of the holiday. It’s a unique opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, either by planting a tree, installing solar shades or taking the small action of closing your blinds to keep the sun outside.  

More specifically, solar shading can protect buildings from overheating by reducing the use of energy-consuming air conditioning. According to a scientific study by Guidehouse, smart or dynamic solar shading could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 100 million tons and save up to approximately $316 billion. This could result in an energy saving of up to 60% for the cooling of buildings by 2050. 

Along with raising awareness on the individual and industrial sides, ES-SO called upon policymakers to recognize the benefits of solar shading worldwide.

ES-SO President Anders Hall said, “What sounds like a small step makes a significant difference for our planet and our health as buildings are still one of the main contributors to global energy consumption and gas emissions. We must change our thinking and choose energy-friendly solutions first. Together we can make a change.”

From the perspective of an industry insider, Sam Shervill, Silent Gliss marketing manager and ES-SO marketing committee member, said, “This is one of those times when companies need to collaborate with one voice to drive home the message that solar shading has an important part to play by saving energy and helping our climate journey.” 

Another world leader that supports the cause is Somfy, which, in 2021, committed to reducing its carbon footprint and that of its products by 50%. The company is working on optimizing components and power consumption during their use and on standby, with the goal of all products sold being eco-designed by 2030. 

The potential wellness benefits are not to be ignored. Solar shading can help protect yourself and your family from UV rays and help get rid of bothersome glare. On top of that, adjustable shading can help you control the amount of natural light you let into your space to boost your serotonin levels and your mood. 

Shervill continued: “As individual companies, we focus on selling blinds, but collectively we have the ability to raise the profile of our industry and the role it plays in saving energy, improving comfort and cooling our planet.”

Next year, mark your calendars for a day dedicated to raising awareness of solar shading in your everyday lives. Its up to us to create a more sustainable future for today and tomorrow. 

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