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Draper Achieves UL Listing for Motorized FlexShade

Draper window coveringsDraper recently achieved UL Listing for several models of its Motorized FlexShade, including the Motorized FlexShade AC, Motorized FlexShade I/O AC, Motorized FlexShade 485 AC and Motorized FlexShade RTS AC. UL Listing covers both single and dual roller units, as well as coupled shades, up to the largest sizes available.

“Product quality and safety have always been important to Draper,” said Jeff Miller, director of architectural shading solutions in a press release. “We decided to pursue listing to make it easier for our dealers and installers to provide local authorities with the assurances they seek. These products will now carry the UL label, which immediately answers any questions about fire and shock hazard safety that an inspector might ask.”

Based in Spiceland, Indiana, Draper has manufactured custom interior and exterior window shading solutions for residential and commercial properties since 1902.

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