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Two-story draperies

How to Dress Two-Story Windows with the Right Window Treatments

By Kate Greunke (aka Kate the Socialite)

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“Draperies or blinds for two-story windows? That sounds like a lot of fabric,” you might say, and you would be correct. These glorious beauties should be clad in their finest to grace your home with a look that is completely pulled together.

Large windows create a sanctuary and a display simultaneously. Their expansive ability to allow cheerful sunlight into your home must be tempered with the right window treatments to prevent UV rays from damaging your furnishings (and to protect your precious privacy).

Here are three modern, non-stuffy ways to dress your two-story windows.

Drapery Side Panels with a Cornice

In the space above, the designer chose a monochromatic palette founded on beige and tan. This look works wonders because it doesn’t detract from the view out the windows or draw too much attention to itself. The cornice is minimally decorated and functions as the crowning glory of this foyer while discreetly concealing the drapery hardware.

Drapery with Sheer Blinds

Modern and private, sheer shades allow light but prevent curious gazers from peering through. This option is best if you have close neighbors and large windows but don’t want to completely cover the windows. The addition of drapery side panels softens the look, making the room feel finished and cozy.

Stationary or Motorized Drapery Panels

Some sunny spaces have no need for privacy, but sun blocking is another issue. To prevent furniture and floors from fading, many homeowners opt for motorized drapery, especially if the draperies are large or hard to reach. When too much sunlight filters in, a push of a button will adjust the drapery to keep it out. You can even put your drapery on a timer so that it opens/closes automatically at certain times of day.

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