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New Year 2021

Kick-Off 2021 With Madeleine MacRae’s Transformational #VirtualRetreat January 5-7!

2020 has been an incredible year.

For some, it’s been a year of fear, anxiety and worry.

For others, it’s been a year of growth and opportunity.

For all of us, it’s been a year of uncertainty. Things have changed at breakneck speed and we have had to do our best to keep up with the constant unfolding of those changes both in our work and in our life.

So many people are waiting for the calendar to flip to 2021 to give them the opportunity for a fresh start and to be able to put this difficult year in their rearview mirror. The changing of the year, however, isn’t going to bring back life as we knew it in January 2020. The challenges are going to continue. The opportunities are going to continue too.  

As business owners and as high-achieving go-getters, it is our job to be ready to meet the challenges, to capitalize on the opportunities and to thrive no matter what this brand-new year will throw at us.

Do you know what you need?

Do you know what it takes for you to be happy?

Do you know EXACTLY what success looks like to you today? In this moment, as the person you are right now, with the business and the life you have at this time?

Success is not something that exists outside of yourself. First and foremost, it comes from within. Certainly there are external markers of success, but without an inner barometer set to your own gauges, all of the outward achievements don’t make you feel successful and certainly don’t make you happy.

If you have experienced pain and worry and fear and anxiety in 2020 and are ready for something better and something different, this event is for you.

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If you have had an amazing year of growth and sales success but now feel depleted and tired or aren’t really sure what’s next or even if this upward trend is going to last, this retreat is for you.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade focused intensely on my personal growth and development and, for three days, I want to share with you the tools and tactics that have allowed me to build a business and a life that I love. You will walk away from this virtual event with a literal map of your life that you can use to help you navigate the waters of 2021 and beyond—no matter how murky they become.

Join me January 5-7 to set yourself up to go where you truly desire in 2021 and to define not only what success means for you but to chart a real path to achieve it!

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Author: Madeleine MacRae | Business Growth Strategist

We work with successful, ambitious Professionals and Entrepreneurs to create, launch and/or up-level their businesses through coaching. Visit to learn more.

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