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Become a Window Fashion Influencer

In the January + February issue of Window Fashion VISION, we will identify the country’s top window fashion influencers. Nominate the people who inspire you by Friday, October 25 by filling out this brief form (and yes, you can nominate yourself).

What is a window fashion influencer? Anyone who 1) inspires the design, fabrication, installation and incorporation of window coverings into beautiful spaces and 2) shares their work with others to inspire them and promote the more prominent use of window coverings. They can be a designer, workroom owner, installer, instructor or other professional. Our preference is for digital influencers—those with a significant Instagram, blog, YouTube, podcast or other online following—but other types of influencers can be considered as well.

Influencers will be selected by Window Fashion VISION staff and contributors based on the following:

  • Size of online following and typical amount of engagement
  • Quality of window coverings they have designed, specified or sewn
  • Number of nominations a person receives
  • One of our goals is to include people from diverse backgrounds and parts of the industry

Selected influencers will be notified in early November. Each person will receive a brief bio, list of social media handles, photograph and description of why they are an influencer in the January + February issue. This information will also be posted to the Window Fashion VISION blog and shared through our social media channels. Please contact us with any questions.

Sophia Bennett, Editor in Chief of Window Fashion VISION

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